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Jonathan Rio, a fiction director and screenwriter, is gearing up for the debut of his first original 6×52 minutes series as a creator, « Rivages, » on France Télévisions by the end of 2024. His journey began with the production of short films, notably « Body Language, » which garnered over 500,000 online views. As the creator of the award-winning webseries « Fritures », Rio gained recognition in various festivals, marking his entry into the world of series. Past projects include the series « Askip » for Capa Drama for which he wrotes several episodes. Identified for his visually captivating style that emphasizes strong characters and imaginative storytelling, Rio now collaborates with many productions such as Atlantique Productions, Next Episode or Rose Mécanique for his new series creations. He is represented by Lise Arif Talent Agency.

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